Supplier: MDNT45
Type: Coats and jackets for women

There may be two problems to find a good leather jacket. First, most of them with a boring and casual design that you've seen a thousand times. Secondly, making leather is often really harmful to the environment, so finding an ethical leather jacket can be a challenge. Well, we have managed to solve both problems! The unusual design of our sustainable leather jacket is far from boring, so it will not mix with the crowd. And it's made of eco-leather, which means that its manufacturing is eco-friendly. So yes, it is possible to have a unique looking ecological jacket that will make you stand out!

About MDNT:45: niche handmade clothing brand, based in Ukraine and inspired by cyberpunk and everything uncasual! MDNT:45 sold

 Short jacket in white faux fur

 to 146 countries already and strive to spread the uncasual style to the world.
 Short jacket in white faux fur

deconstructive form and high-end quality of the

 Short jacket in white faux fur

are working great in everyday urban outfits and special occasions costumes. Check the website for more ideas of the style.