Supplier: MDNT45
Type: Dresses

Creating your own unique personal appearance is an excellent way to express yourself, your personality. This, however, can be difficult to do with the standard boring clothes you would find in the store. The unique look requires some unique components, and we have them! Take this dress, for example: unusual modern design, elegant combination of eco-friendly leather and cotton fabric, decorative stitching on the outer side. This dress definitely has a unique look. Not to mention that it can be transformed into an elegant leather jacket!

About MDNT:45: niche handmade clothing brand, based in Ukraine and inspired by cyberpunk and everything uncasual! MDNT:45 sold

 Cyber ​​goth maxi dress

 to 146 countries already and strive to spread the uncasual style to the world.
 Cyber ​​goth maxi dress

deconstructive form and high-end quality of the

 Cyber ​​goth maxi dress

are working great in everyday urban outfits and special occasions costumes. Check the website for more ideas of the style.