Supplier: MDNT45
Type: Dresses

This skirt is not a regular one. In fact, it was made with the intention of being different. This skirt was designed so that it does not look like a normal casual garment, but something unusual, something that would be noticed. It will make you stand out and attract attention. Of course, this does not eliminate the fact that it is a comfortable piece of clothing: it is made of a light and warm cotton fabric, with decorative elements made of eco-friendly leather. But, like everything in our store, it is not supposed to be "casual". MDNT: 45 has to do with deviating from trends, finding a new and more unique way of expressing yourself. If you want to be different, you have come to the right place!

About MDNT:45: niche handmade clothing brand, based in Ukraine and inspired by cyberpunk and everything uncasual! MDNT:45 sold

 Black Pencil Midi Skirt

 to 146 countries already and strive to spread the uncasual style to the world.
 Black Pencil Midi Skirt

deconstructive form and high-end quality of the

 Black Pencil Midi Skirt

are working great in everyday urban outfits and special occasions costumes. Check the website for more ideas of the style.