Supplier: MDNT45
Type: women's funds

Creating your unique personal appearance is more than just buying the clothes you like. It is a way of expressing yourself. However, it can be difficult to achieve a really unusual style with standard clothing for shelves. If you are looking for elegant and unconventional clothes, this store has it. Like this long skirt! It has a minimalist and elegant design, and yet it is anything but boring. Thanks to the unusual shape and asymmetrical design of this skirt, it has a unique style that will surely make your personal appearance stand out!

About MDNT:45: niche handmade clothing brand, based in Ukraine and inspired by cyberpunk and everything uncasual! MDNT:45 sold

 Black midi skirt

 to 146 countries already and strive to spread the uncasual style to the world.
 Black midi skirt

deconstructive form and high-end quality of the

 Black midi skirt

are working great in everyday urban outfits and special occasions costumes. Check the website for more ideas of the style.